Formerly known as...Formerly know as Lubbock Rent All
Your best equipment rental store in Lubbock TX

Formerly known as...

Formerly known as Lubbock Rent All

About Hightower Equipment Company

Independent – We are free from the influence of investors and large corporations. We have the ability to be flexible and adapt to our customers’ needs on the fly.

Honest Communication – We believe in open communication with our customers, good or bad.

Community – We love Lubbock and giving back to our community. Our team is involved in many community and non-profit activities.

Lubbock Rent All, soon to be Hightower Equipment Company, was founded in 2012 by Monica Hightower as a party and event rental business. In November 2015, Dustin Hightower came on board and converted it to an equipment rental company starting with small engine and landscape equipment. Dustin and his wife Jenna, officially purchased Lubbock Rent All in April of 2016 and formed Lubbock Rent All, LLC.

Since then, Lubbock Rent All, LLC has grown to be the largest and fastest growing independent equipment rental company in Lubbock, TX. We specialize in construction equipment rentals such aerial lifts and telehandlers, and we carry a wide array of other contractor equipment as well.

Our history:

  • January, 2012 – Lubbock Rent All is a sole proprietorship under Monica Hightower
  • November, 2015 – Lubbock Rent All is taken over by Dustin Hightower
  • April, 2016 – Dustin & Jenna Hightower form Lubbock Rent All, LLC
  • April, 2017 – Lubbock Rent All, LLC acquires its first aerial fleet
  • October, 2017 – Lubbock Rent All, LLC moves to its current Location at 11608 Highway 87
  • January, 2018 – Lubbock Rent All, LLC more than doubles its aerial fleet
  • January, 2019 – Lubbock Rent All, LLC secures a TORO dealership
  • February, 2019 - Lubbock Rent All, acquired dba "Hightower Equipment Company"

About our Owners:

Dustin Hightower

Dustin was born in Wichita Falls, Texas and has been in Lubbock since he was two years old. Dustin graduated from Coronado High School in 1997 where he played football and met life-long friends. Dustin made an attempt at higher education but quickly found that working in construction better suited him. He spent 10 years working as a plumber, equipment operator, surveyor, concrete plant operator, quality control tech, and many different positions in and around road and concrete construction. In that 10 years Dustin found his passion in work, construction equipment! He decided to make a change and enter the equipment business. In 2008 he started as a rental coordinator, then sales rep, and now owner of Lubbock Rent All, LLC. Through his career in the equipment industry he has worked for the largest independently owned rental company in the world, one of the largest publicly traded rental companies, and a strong equipment dealership. This experience has allowed Dustin to bring the good from each type of company to Lubbock Rent All, LLC while leaving the less desirable parts behind.

Jenna Hightower

Jenna was born in San Angelo, Texas and graduated from Sterling City High School where she was heavily involved in agriculture and stock shows. She attended Texas Tech University and graduated with a degree in Agricultural Communications. She manages all marketing and communication efforts for Lubbock Rent All, LLC, in addition to being employed at the Texas Tech University System. She and Dustin are blessed with two rowdy boys, who love construction equipment too.